Roof Inspection Repair and Maitenance Tips

If you have recently purchased a home and paid for an inspection service it is a good idea to highlight the areas of concern and possible maintenance schedule including one of the most important areas, the roof. If your purchase was further back, see if you can find your original inspection (or give Kaller Roofing a call to have us help assess important repair and maintenance schedules).

Over time weather and the elements take their toll on all types of roofing. This constant exposure to whipping winds, freezing temperatures, pounding rain, and even baking in the sun all add to the wear and tear and make the average lifespan of a roof only 20 to 25 years.

Look for ongoing signs of damage, pay especially close attention to those major storms. If the volume of rain, snow, or wind cause leaks only during those extremes, but not on a typical storm it may be a good early warning system to pinpoint areas of concern. Pay attention during those major storms for any sign of water in attic, puddling on roof, or snow that lingers longer than on neighboring roofs.

We previously shared a good article on How to check for different roof problems…

Some tips from that include tracking a leaking roof by visiting the attic to search for water stains or black stains and even mold around piping and other areas. Looking closely at your roof for cracks or blisters forming in the asphalt shingles. Inspect the corners of the roofing to ensure that the insulation is properly fastened and secured along the perimeter.

The inspector usually focuses on major areas of concern in what they look for during an inspection such as Soffits and Fascia and Drip Edges, Gutters and Downspouts, Roofing Materials, Roof Penetrations and Seals, Flashing, Window and Chimney Condition, and inside the Attic. On the original home inspection report look for areas of potential concern related to the roof including if there are multiple layers of roofing, issues with flashing, roof vents, gutters, chimney, or other masonry on roof.

If you have concerns about the integrity of your homes roofing contact us ( for an inspection and quote to ensure the continued longevity and protection of the investment in your property and the safety and comfort of your family.

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