Gutter Installation and Repair

Having a properly installed and maintained gutter system is essential to controlling the runoff from your roof. Problems caused by your gutters such as rot and decay at your eaves, your soffit and fascia, water entry into wall/ceiling areas, water overflowing the gutter causing damage to landscaping, ground saturation causing basement wall damage, uncontrolled water runoff can lead to expensive repairs. Sometimes simple little corrections such as unclogging the gutters from leaf debris, or re-pitching a misaligned gutter might be all that is needed. Snow often causes damage to the gutter if the roof is not properly outfitted with snowguards or some similar snow retention system.

It is important to note that all the built-in gutter types are fabricated in a metal that can be locked and soldered at all joints for long-term performance. Less experienced contractors will recommend a cheap solution to reline the existing gutter with some inferior material that will not hold up. For many residential homes that have existing aluminum K-style external gutter, replacing with aluminum is still a good choice if properly installed with onsite seamless fabrication and using the correct and strong gutter hardware system. There is a big range in quality, cost and durability of the gutter and downspouts utilizing the correct fastening hardware. Feel free to contact us, and we can help you see the difference and then decide.

Custom Gutter Installation Experts

Pole Gutters

Copper Through Gutters

Shelf Gutters

We fabricate and replace all the various types of gutter systems, such as your basic external or hanging K-style and half-round gutter in aluminum and copper. All the built-in style gutter systems, such as pole gutter/yankee gutter, shelf or mansard gutter, trough gutter and so forth; these built-in gutter systems are commonly found on buildings with slate, tile and metal roof systems, and require the expertise to custom fabricate and install, which Kaller has 80 years of experience under their belt. Perhaps you have the wrong gutter system installed, or looking to find a better solution, we are available to help you understand and arrive at the right decision. Visit our photo gallery to see your type of gutter, and how best to repair or replace.

• K-style aluminum and copper

• Half-round aluminum and copper

• Pole gutter copper and stainless steel

• Yankee gutter copper and stainless steel

• Shelf gutter copper and stainless steel

• Trough gutter copper and stainless steel

• Mansard gutter copper and stainless steel

• Custom design copper and stainless steel

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Clients Love Our Gutter Work

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Kaller Roofing rebuilt our fiberglass roof deck that was leaking in multiple places. They provided expert guidance leading up to the job, and did impeccable work. The crew were very professional, and the owner himself checked in multiple times to assure quality. Our new roof deck is not only more functional, but looks much better and will be a great space for years to come.

Mike O’Hara

Excellent workmanship, high professionalism in the entire crew, especially the foreman, Mike Austin. They were prompt, kept us apprised of the progress, excellent site cleanup at the end of each day, and upon job completion. Beautiful result. Will recommend to others. This is the second time Kaller has roofed our house, our experience 30 years ago brought us back this time.

Rob Nelson

Fine work. A great team. The guys (Rich, Carlos, Jake and Justin) were conscientious, professional and talented. It was a large job from a home owners view and they handled it well with an attention to detail. Hats off to Chuck and Ray also for their supervision and support. This twin is 120 years old and with care like this it can go another 120 years.

Jim Shugart

The roofers explained everything beforehand and were very prompt each day. They appeared to be very knowledgeable. We had a very bad experience with another roofing company and Keller was certainly much more professional and trustworthy. We will definitely use Keller again if we need a roofer.

Ellen Madof

I am the facilities manager of a large church in Greenville, Delaware. Kaller Roofing has been our roofing partner for over five years, and I highly recommend them. Ray Kaller is a skilled and experienced diagnostician, which I think is the most important part of the process of getting to a solution. The members of his team are also highly experienced and easy to work with. Give them a call!

Michael Sayer

Our home’s slate roof and ice damaged gutters were in need of professional help. An exhausting search lead us to Kaller and Sons. Chuck made the whole process painless while Rich and Carlos’s high level craftsmanship along with quality materials yielded amazing results. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you gentlemen.

John Davis Jr.

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