A Beautiful Porch

A porch not only adds beauty and value to your home, it is also a nice outdoor space for you to relax or spend quality time with your family and friends. Since the porch is on the outer side of the house, it is essential to repair any damage caused by environmental factors. The sooner you address any type of deterioration, the better so that further problems are not caused. If you are worried about how you are going to repair an entire porch on your own, don’t fret; we’ve got your back!

By using the right tools and equipment and with a little care you can repair your porch and make it look brand new in no time. Follow this simple beginner’s guide to porch repair and get ready to work!

Rotting Wood on Deck

Inspect Damage

The first step is to look for damages. Identify what needs to be repaired and make notes. The effects of weather conditions can cause damage to the porch so make sure you look thoroughly. Another important thing to look for is rotting wood. You can figure out easily if the wood is rot by inserting a screwdriver into it. If it goes in easily, that wood needs to be replaced.


Man Cleaning Porch

Clean Up

Washing the porch is an essential part of the repair. If you regularly wash your porch, you might not need to make a lot of effort in repair. However, if your porch had not been washed, you might want to start now. In case you have painted the porch, you will require a paint remover. Make sure that you wear gloves while dealing with paint. In case you have varnished wood and you want a stained porch, the outer coatings need to be removed with paint thinner and then cleaned.


Person using Palm Sander

Sanding the Porch

You can sand your porch using a belt sander, palm sander, or a sanding sponge. But before you begin, remember that wood that is used to build a porch is usually soft and can be damaged if you used these tools very roughly. Therefore, be careful while sanding. Moreover, wear protective gear such as eye goggles and a respiratory mask as it can get pretty dusty.


Person Oiling Porch

Oiling or Staining the Porch

This is the final step to repairing a porch. You need to coat the entire porch with porch oil or wood stain. Porch oil is used to protect the wood from sun damage and deterioration. Apply it generously on the porch and wait for about a week for it to dry. You may reapply it as well for a second coat. Wood stains, on the other hand, are similar to porch oils but have an added advantage. Wood stains have an additional layer of protection which seals the wood and protects it from harsh environmental factors.

There you go. Your porch is now ready. You can paint it later if you like. Repairing your own porch might seem like a strenuous task, but before you call a handyman, just give it a try and see how easy it is. It can be very exhausting, but it is not impossible to pull off. If you are willing to break a sweat, go for it! Good luck!

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