K Gutters

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One of the most common types of gutters, the K gutter—also called an “ogee” gutter—account for about 80 percent of all gutters. This type of gutter gets its name because of its resemblance to the letter K, though it looks more like crown molding. K gutters generally hold more water than round gutters and are less likely to bend or protrude, making for a stronger gutter. The most common sizes of K gutters are five- or six-inch.

However, Kaller also supplies custom sized K gutters to fit your home. Because K gutters are such a popular style they can be purchased in aluminum, vinyl, galvanized
steel, copper, and more. While they are stronger and more durable than their non-K-shaped counterparts, K gutters are harder to clean than rounded gutters because they have more sharp corners for debris to accumulate. Our roofing experts can assist you in choosing the gutter type that’s best for your home.