Kaller Roofing is your one-stop shop for all exterior chimney work and construction including flashing, masonry repair, crowns and capping. Our roofing and chimney experts can handle any type of exterior chimney construction and repair quickly and professionally. If your flashing is loose or your bricks and mortar joints are cracked you could have a much more serious water damage problem on your hands. Don’t let a small chimney issue turn into a big, costly problem.

As roofing and chimney experts we specialize in all kinds of chimneys and exterior chimney services including masonry chimneys, clay tile chimneys, single-wall and double-wall metal chimneys and high temperature plastic chimneys. We are also skilled providers of flue work, chimney crowns and chimney caps. If you can see visible cracks in your chimney, chimney crown, or bricks and mortar joints, call Kaller Roofing today.



All chimney flashing work done by Kaller Roofing is expertly done using only the best materials.



Crickets are essential in preventing your chimney from leaking.



A chimney crown is the most important factor in protecting your chimney from the elements.



Pointing and Stucco work are two important aesthetic and functionality components to brick or stone chimneys.


Chimney Hoods

Your chimney hood, or cap, is the first—and in some cases only—line of defense against water.



Custom chimney work by Kaller Roofing can turn your chimney into a functional piece of art.